• You contact us to place an order
  • Jason will come out and inspect the job.
  • An agreed time and date will be made at the appointment
  • Jason will arrive at 9 am (our standard start time) on the agreed date and introduce himself.
  • Jason will then need to switch off your electricity to begin the fuse box change process. The electricity in most cases will be off until 3-4pm
  • Once the fuse box change has been completed, I will begin to carry out electrical testing. This will involve testing the wiring end to end ensuring that the electrical installation is safe.
  • I will repair any minor faults for free within the normal working day and will explain the process fully to you
  • I will then tidy up ensuring the same standard of cleanliness as when they arrived.
  • Upon completion of work, I will talk you through how the consumer unit functions and also about the safety of your current electrical installation.
  • We will issue the completion certificate and notify the  local council you have been part p tested
  • You now become a member of our gold membership customer service plan with 5-year guarantee insurance backed by Lloyds you are covered for all faults with your consumer unit


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