Fuse Box / Consumer Unit Change in Driffield

A fuse box, otherwise known as a consumer unit or RCD unit, consists of a main switch, residual current devices, and circuit breakers with fuses.

From an engineering point of view, your fuse box is a relatively simple device. But it serves a very important purpose. It controls the electrical supply in your home, protects against dangerous connections, and allows you to turn off the electricity.

A faulty fuse box might blow fuses regularly, burn through terminals, or cause electrical circuits to behave strangely. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend a timely inspection to diagnose the problem. Many issues can be fixed, although it is sometimes necessary to change the fuse box out for a new one.

Fuse box change with 1st Electrical Services

If you are looking for an electrician near me, we are based in Driffield and serve all surrounding areas including Bridlington, Scarborough, and Hull. We can replace your fuse box with a new unit in a timely manner.

Changing a consumer unit or fuse box is the job of a competent electrician only. You should never attempt to do this yourself.

The cost to change a consumer unit ranges from £400 to £600  1st Electrical cost £380 , with the final price dependent on the hardware required. It will take around a day to complete. This price should always include a complete hardware overhaul and testing and inspection for safety.

Changing a consumer unit or fuse box is notifiable work under the Part P building regulations, so the electrician doing the work should notify the local authority about the upgrade. Also, the installation should conform to BS 7671:2008, ‘Requirements for electrical installations’ (The IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition).

As your local electrician in Driffield, we promise to provide competent, safe electrical work and the best customer service. We have over 20 years’ experience and in the past year alone, we have replaced over a hundred consumer units. We use the best hardware and we always provide free quotations on all work with a clear breakdown of costs.